Beachbody Objection Handler’s

Q: Is this a pyramid scheme?

A: First of all, pyramid schemes are illegal. Next, I want you to name any large corporation. (They usually say Microsoft or Wal-Mart). You have the President and CEO at the top, Vice President below them, and then Upper Management, Middle Management, Lower Management, and then all of the grunt workers down at the bottom. Chances are, 99.9% of the grunt workers will never make it to the top, while all the people at the top are the ones making great money. With Beachbody, anyone getting in now has as great of a chance to make more money than the person above them. In fact, their success is controlled by their own effort level, not by someone else controlling if or when they get promoted. So which one is the pyramid scheme?

Q: Why do I have to pay to sign up?

A: It’s very important that there is some sort of investment to sign up because people don’t want to lose money. However, if it were up to me, I would raise the sign-up cost to at least a few hundred dollars because there are still many people who don’t take the business seriously because of the low sign-up cost. For example, if someone goes out and purchases a McDonald’s franchise for $500,000, do you think they wouldn’t take the business seriously? Of course they will because they don’t want to lose their initial investment. In fact, they will put in whatever work necessary to keep that business going and make it successful. By raising the sign-up cost, it will filter out people who just want to “try something new” and get to the people who want to build a successful business. The low cost is great for someone like me who treats my business like a business because I have barely any costs.

Q: I wish I could afford Shakeology! Why is it so much?” or “I would but Shakeology is too expensive and I cant afford it. Why is it so much?

A: “Trust me, I was the same way when I started, but I ended up just going for it! Glad I did. Im confident to say that you can afford Shakeology! Remember, Shakeology is a meal REPLACEMENT, designed to replace foods in your current diet, so it’s not an addition to your current diet nor budget. Think about it this way, you’re not going to continue spending money on your your currently eating, you are going to sub all that “JUNK” with Shakeology as a REPLACEMENT! There is NO reason why you cant afford it, because if you are doing just fine now, you will be doing the same once you start Shakeology! The only thing to change is that you’re eating a lot more healthy!”

Q: Why is Shakeology so expensive?

A: It’s actually not as expensive as you think. For example, I used to go out to eat every day for lunch, spending anywhere from $8-$10 at places like Panera and Applebee’s, not knowing if I was taking in something healthy or not. When I started replacing those lunches with Shakeology, costing me just about $4 per meal, I was saving money and now sure I was taking in something that was going to help me stay healthy and in shape.

Q: What if I don’t eat out every day?

A: You can’t look at it as $130 on top of what you’re already spending, but $130 replacing what you’re already spending at the grocery store. Remember, you’re replacing an entire meal with Shakeology and therefore don’t have to purchase the groceries for those meals. Plus, if you would actually purchase all the foods necessary to get the same amount of nutrients and vitamins that are in Shakeology, you would be spending quite a bit more than the cost of Shakeology. It makes sense!

Q: Should I wait until I have results to sign up?

A: No. In fact, many of the successful coaches on my team were just starting their fitness journey when they decided to become a coach. Why? It allowed them to stay accountable because they didn’t want to give out advice to others if they weren’t doing it themselves. Plus, there is a lot to learn about this business and it takes time to set everything up, so once you get through your 90 days, you will have everything in place to begin a strong marketing campaign. Just make sure that you take great progress pictures every 15-30 days.

Q: Do I have to be a fitness/nutrition expert?

A: No. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert of any sort. What I do as a coach is help support and encourage people through Beachbody programs. As you know, when you have that extra support with anything you do in life, you’re much more likely to succeed, and that’s why so many people are having success getting into great shape with Beachbody programs.

Q: Is the market saturated?

A: Not even close! We’re practically a new company and just at about 100,000 coaches here in the U.S. Once Beachbody establishes a firm base here in North America, they are planning on expanding internationally, and once that happens, the flood gates will open! Carl Daikeler’s goal is to have 1 Million coaches, and personally I feel that we will be able to reach that mark in 4-5 years, and then surpass that. The timing is absolutely perfect!

Q: Will I have to put in a lot of time?

A: You can go as fast or slow as you want. When I first started coaching, I was putting in about 1-2 hours per day because I was working 8-10 hours at my full-time job. However, I found that the more time I spent towards the business, the greater the return I received. As I progressed through my career, I spent more and more time on the business, eventually making it a full-time job about a year into it.

Q: It’s cheaper to just go on the internet and torrent a copy of P90X. Why should I purchase it from you for $120?

A: First of all, downloading it off the internet is illegal, so what you’re doing is supporting illegal activities. When you purchase from a Beachbody Coach, you are supporting the makers of P90X, Beachbody. Plus, once you purchase from me, I will automatically become your coach and be here to answer any questions you have and support you through the program. As you know, when you have support with anything that you do, you have a greater chance of succeeding.

Q: If Beachbody Coaching works so well, how come you’re not very successful yet?

A: I’m working towards creating financial independence for my family and I, which takes a lot of time, patience, and hard work. I know the potential for this business, and I’m working hard every single day, making progress to reach all of my goals. I will get there, the question is will you join me along the way?