• When you are out talking and meet new people, say – “Hey, are you on Facebook? I’d love to connect there and continue our conversation.”  Look them up right then and there and send them a friend request (via your phone).  This helps you continue to build a relationships, and they also “see” your posts. Once you’ve built a relationship by FORMing them, you can use step 1 of the 5-Step Challenge script. They might also ask you more about what you do you as a coach or about your Challenge.


  • Add an email “signature” with a small note asking people to join you on Facebook.  Say, something fun,  for example:  Are you on Facebook?  I’d love if you joined me there so we can network and refer….or  so, we can share healthy tipsSo we can motivate each other to reach our dreams…..  Find something that works for you and your niche (to be discussed below).  Then put a link to your FB page.


  • When someone accepts your friend request, or you accept their request, go to their wall and say hi, thanks for the new connection. Share how you are excited to get to know them more!  Build a relationship.


  • Daily, say happy birthday to everyone who has a birthday today.  Many times that will spark them to come check out your page.  Remember, people are always watching. Start building relationships this way.


  • When posting about Challenges or Shakeology/fitness program, tell people to “LIKE” your status if they’d like more information. This works better, as many people are reading this from their cell phone and hitting the LIKE button is easier than messaging you.



Focus on a niche for your brand.  What do you love to do?  What are you passionate about in life?  Family, kids, dogs, reading, knitting, running, sailing, did you just get married? … WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL?  Make that your niche.  It doesn’t have to be health/fitness.  It’s something you love and umm, love talking about!  Then build on this niche using these tips:


  • Find groups on Facebook that are in your niche.  Whatever it is you’re interested in–mommy groups, groups for brides, running groups–JOIN them and interact on the pages!  Interact with people individually and make connections with them.  Become a friend.  Share your knowledge and comment on what they are sharing.  ENGAGE!  Then, as you build a relationship with a person, private message (PM) them a saying, hi…. we are both members of …. and I think we have a ton in common, I would love if we could be friends here and really (share more on this topic together).  I sent you a friend request, I hope you will accept it.


  • As you start building a niche, share a tip or post something on your personal page relating to it.  This way, all those people that you are inviting to LIKE your page or to accept your friend request, will see that you have things in common.  If it’s about your favorite tv show, then post a comment about the show.  If it’s a run, share a tip or how your run for the day went.  Give them something to like you even more with and to engage with you on.  Why should they like you?  Because you have stuff in common!


  • Have a personality. What does this mean? Well, how would your friends describe you? Are you funny? serious? An extrovert? or a stick in the mud? Your posts should reflect who you are as well as what you strive to be. A lot of coaches just post inspiring pictures and quotes, which is definitely a good thing, but this alone will not give people a sense of who YOU are as an INDIVIDUAL. Ask yourself: What kinds of things could I share that would allow people to see who I truly am and what I’m about?


  • Share things about your day
    • examples of status updates:
      • WOOT! I just had made the best oatmeal pancakes!
      • I just had a great call with my coaches.
      • I’m so proud of my challenge member (name)! She’s lost 15 lbs in her first 60 days!
      • Ugh. I didn’t get much done today. Did you?
      • I’m thinking about reading Fifty Shades of Gray. Has anyone read it? What do you think?


  • Share what you like/don’t like
    • I really like to take at least one day off a week to unplug, relax and spend time with my family. What about you?
    • I hate waking up first thing in the morning with a crick in my neck. How many of you have experienced these? I seem to get them regularly.


  • Let your followers be the experts and learn from them. So ask questions pertaining to skills such as cooking tips or how to do something or the best place/day to find sales on clothes.


  • Be funny/nice/vulnerable- whatever your personality is, be a real person.


  • Ask questions relating to your life circumstances.
    • example: how would you react if your kid was throwing a fit in the grocery store?
    • Should I let my daughter go to a sleepover?
    • What kind of sheets should I get?
    • I’m thinking of adopting a dog. Can anyone offer words of advice?
    • How do I update my iphone? Help!
    • Does anyone know a good upholstery cleaning service?


  • Posting PICTURES gets more attention than no picture.  To get people to engage and watch you more, post a picture.  And, remember to accompany your photo with a comment or question that will ENGAGE your audience.  Don’t just state what you are doing.  Example, if you are going to Starbucks for a cup of coffee you could post something such as: I’m headed to Starbucks to get my plain old cup of joe!  How do you order your coffee at Starbucks?  You could post a picture of a cup of coffee with this to keep it fun.



  • One time a day, post something about health/fitness.  A tip, a motivational photo.  A recipe.  Try to provide value for others.
  • One time a day, share about Shakeology/your workout/something Beachbody.  Keep it fun.  Don’t post links.  Share your shake recipe, how your pants are falling off, how you are sore, whatever applies TO YOU.  The more you talk about what you’re doing, feeling, seeing, the more people will relate to you.  Then, they will start asking more about what you are doing, drinking, and how you are getting results.
  • The rest of the day, keep personable.  For example: share what you’re doing with your family or friends, what you’re up to this weekend, how you feel about Wednesdays in general.  Let people get to know you!
  • So: 80% of your daily activity is personable, 20% Beachbody.
  • If you find yourself short on time, use a program like Hootesuite.com to schedule 1-2 posts a day to keep your page interesting.  Asking questions so people engage with you!    Remember, keep it focused.  Share a tip to help people in your niche.
  • Best times are 6a, 9a, 12p, 3p, 6p, 9p. All Eastern timezone.



  • Spamming: Don’t post your website/blog/information links all over the place, especially not on BB product FB Pages
  • Do message people before sending links out
  • Only send links AFTER the relationship is being built
  • Don’t add every person you come across before building a relationship
  • Don’t be rude or negative
  • Don’t air your personal laundry. It’s okay to share that someone at the grocery was rude to you, for example, but your fights with your significant other really should remain personal. Remember: you are a business owner. A good rule of thumb is that if it is considered gossip, it should be cut out. Go to a close friend, pastor, mentor, for advice instead of spreading it on Facebook.


  • Don’t post inappropriate photos, racist remarks, or pictures that show you or others in an unfavorable light.


  • Do reply to comments on your page, especially if they are questions. Remember, you are trying to build relationships and create a dialogue.
  • Do not engage in an argument through comments
  • Don’t add more than two to three people per day to avoid being thrown in “facebook jail” (your facebook privileges can be revoked)
  • Make sure your profile picture is YOU!  Not your dog, husband, P90X logo, etc. PEOPLE want to get to know YOU!  Again, be real!
  • Do create photo albums. If you head to a Beachbody event, add it to an album- Beachbody Game Plan.  Or if you have a success story transformation, have an album that shows your journey.  Have favorite recipes you make, add an album for photos of the meals with the recipes.



  • Ask your Instagram followers to friend request you on Facebook
  • When people make comments, make sure to reply at least with a:).
  • Don’t post too many Beachbody products related photos
  • “Like” other people’s photos, you can create new contacts that way.


  • Connect with your Twitter followers, post often (ie; share your wowy workouts on twitter everyday and you’ll get new followers regularly)
  • Make sure to use # if you want to get new followers (ie; #health #fitness, #beachbody #fuelband:), depends on what you are tweeting) Using # will help you to connect with people that have similar interest.
  • Don’t create long conversations, your other followers will get annoyed.
  • Even on twitter, BE yourself:)