How to Sign Up a Customer

1) How to Make You Someone’s Coach: If someone wants you to be there coach, send this link with your 5-digit Rep ID. You can find that in your Coach Back Office in your profile page.



2) Send Them to Your Website: You can simply send them to your Beachbody Coach Website and they will click on the “Join” link.



3) Do They Already Have a Coach? How a Client Can Make a Coach Switch: There are going to be times when you talk to people who might already have a coach, but want to make a switch to you because they aren’t happy with their current coach. If this ever comes up, which it will, here is what you need to send them. Of course you need to make sure you put in your own information to replace mine.

Here is the text that client needs to send to

I would like to switch my coach to <Name> Coach ID <ID Number> at <Email ID>. Please notify both me when the switch has been processed. Thank you!”