Pinterest – Tools to Make Pinning Easy and Effective for Businesses

While Facebook continues to hit the bull’s eye on the dartboard of social media marketing, Pinterest emerges as one of the hottest new trends in the social media arena.

The tipping point for Pinterest was 17 December 2011 – the day when this social media platform reached a meteoric rise of 11.0 million visitors (40 times the level record within just 6-month timeframe). This let Pinterest to gain the limelight along with the other social networking heavyweights, like Google +, Twitter and Klout, according to the Time Magazine’s Top 50 websites of 2011.

This number reached a high of almost 20 million by April of the next year 2012. The stunning fan base now includes people from all lifestyles and thousands of businesses including retailers and health and fitness professionals, etc.

Just as a frame of reference, the Pinterest’s platform has the potential to offer far more value than Facebook and Twitter. Launched in 2010, the traffic on the platform was much higher by its second birthday, as compared to both other social platforms.


Pinterest Gets Cozy with the Brands


Pinterestinglyyes, that has become a word – the exploding of Pinterest made it a fledgling social sharing site (ahead of LinkedIn) for niche fitness trainers (e.g. Beachbody Coaches) and for business marketers.

How? The striking aggregates of images about the output of personal as well business developments and the ability to curate content naturally, have made Pinterest a valued stepping-stone in changing the social marketing landscape.

To date, the only social media site is driving more traffic than Pinterest is Facebook.

Establishing yourself on the social platform is the first step basis of exposing yourself to the potential clients. Check out the image below and follow the steps to broaden your business perspectives on the pin boards.

Best Pinterest Tools and Apps to Get You Pinning In No Time


Like another other social media platform, Pinterest not just simply play by the numbers. You need to seek help from the tools and sources to make yourself connectable to more people in lesser time.

As a fitness trainer and an inspirational coach, Pinterest tools can thrive to make your pins and Pinboards more amazing, dynamic, and highly shareable.

Here are some of such tools and sources to socially pinfluence your business, through Pinterest.

Pin Search

Identify the best-working pins and get the Google search help by adding this chrome extension in your browser. You get:

  • ‘Search’ button that appears when you hover over a picture
  • Find websites where the picture have appeared
  • Get a wealth of information about any picture you find on Pinterest
  • Image search, using larger version of pictures


It is a great tool for:

  • Finding current popular pins, boards, and pinners
  • Tracking latest trending topics
  • Help to jump into relevant pins
  • Connecting with the influential Pinterest users


This application is impressive for a few reasons:

  • It’s simple interface is easy to use and provides enormous value to followers.
  • Include a screenshot of a website on a Pinterest board
  • Add a quotation with a unique font
  • Offer location based services, including address, title, and description.


Pinzy is a Chrome Extension that will allow you to:

  • View the enlarged, full versions of pins by hovering over them
  • Avoid clicking on the images to enlarge them
  • Enhance the readability of smaller pinn


An application for both web as well as internet enabled devices includes:

  • Quick and painless setup to establish an interface
  • Access to 40 pre-filled categories to search on pinterest, twit pic, flickr, reddit, and youtube
  • Currating content that is already trending
  • Create and save categories for quick search


Pin screenshots on the pin board through Snapito! Here is what you will get:

  • Take a snap of the webpage by entering the url
  • Pin full page on the pin board
  • Promote your brand page instantly


A great way to calculate your popularity on Pinterest, You can use PinPuff for:

  • Calculate the value of your each pin
  • Share what is more loved by others
  • Advertise you brand around Pinterest


A great pin browsing app, Pinspiration will let you:

  • Browse and post to Pinterest on your Windows phone
  • Share the amazing Pinterest photos without an account
  • Keep up with their stream then pin and repin with easy

Url2pin is a free tool to help you share your website. It is a great way for:

  • Web designers  to share their work on the web
  • Taking screenshots on our computers
  • Sharing  screenshots on pinterest


Formally known as Pinerly, Reachli is a tool to market your visual business on the web. It offers:

  • Ease of use, follow and unfollow pinners
  • Exposure increase by posting information that is trending
  • Scheduling your pins throughout the day or week
  • Data on your pins which will provide direction on next steps

Grow Your Business On The Go With Pinterest App


One thing, which you cannot miss out to make your pin board more viable for business, is the use of official Pinterest Apps for Smart Phones.

As a Beachbody coach, you are always on the go. The iPhone App of Pinterest will let you share your experiences and pin the photos on your board from everywhere. Although you can access the site’s features using the HTML5 mobile version of the site in your browser, but you will not have the uploading capability on the iPhone.

The official Android Pinterest App has taken care of this nifty little problem which the iPhone app had. It helps you pin images that you have taken or have on your phone.

Use this app to collect things you love, organize, share to inspire, motivate, or plan important projects, and more.

What Do You Think?


Pinterest social marketing platform is worth considering for driving your coaching strategies forward.

Whether you are a new fitness expert or have been promoting health and fitness through other social platforms, it is time that you start building your brand visually by pinning your business into a series of virtual Pin boards.